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Construction Defects

Representing Buyers Of Defective Manufactured Homes

While we can advise on any potential construction defect claim, the majority of our construction defect practice focuses on manufactured homes. In particular, we advise buyers of all ages on legal remedies after they have encountered serious defects in mobile homes or other types of manufactured homes.

Our clients include individuals and couples: young and middle-aged buyers of manufactured homes, as well as senior citizens. We help each client explore the most promising and cost-effective options after a home they purchased was marred by:

  • Structural problems
  • Nonfunctional and irreparable doors and windows
  • Doorways not wide enough for wheelchairs despite manufacturers’ or vendors’ promises of full ADA compliance
  • Foundation and floor defects
  • Missing or torn underside insulation and moisture barrier
  • Any characteristic that makes a manufactured home unacceptable to the park it is or will be installed in, despite promises from sellers
  • Financing defects (bad loans)
Many have been out many thousands of dollars that we helped them get back. Other remedies have included repairs or replacement of defective manufactured homes or portions of them, to be paid for by the negligent maker, seller or lender.
Manufactured homes may not be considered real estate, but we use many of the same legal processes we would to get relief related to a defective “regular” residential property, as well as claims having to do with construction contractor contracts and construction liens. We can bring individual claims, as well as class-action lawsuits to help our clients recover damages.

Fraud Is One Of The Biggest Problems

Our clients often report egregious misrepresentation by makers and sellers of manufactured homes. Brokers may have promised certain desired features that were not there upon delivery or closing. The offending party may have promised to have known defects repaired, and failed to follow through before a sale closing.
Whether the seller was an individual, a financial institution, a manufacturer or a mobile home park, our business and real estate litigation attorneys have helped many find the relief they sought. In the process, we and our clients together have helped to reinforce laws governing ethical sales and leasing of manufactured homes in Texas.

Learn How Our Attorneys Can Help

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