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Car Accidents

Personalized Guidance And Advocacy After An Auto Accident

A car accident is a significant event for nearly everyone and in some cases, is catastrophic. If you suffered injuries in a traffic accident in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas and you don’t know what to do next, we can help. We make hospital and house calls as necessary when injuries prevent potential clients from coming to our offices. Initial consultations are free. We are available to advise you right away on urgent matters such as:

  • What to say to the police
  • How to report your accident to your insurer
  • What to say to investigators who try to get you to talk about your accident
  • How to get access to medical care while your case is in process
  • How to make a claim to pay for medical care
  • What to do about property damage to your car
  • What kinds of evidence to gather and preserve through all phases of your recovery

Waranch Nunn advises and represents people who have been injured as occupants of cars, family members of seriously injured people and next of kin after fatal car crashes. Many of our clients have been injured as drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and occupants of other types of vehicles like trucks of all sizes.

Maximizing Compensation For Your Injuries And Losses

If you decide to work with our firm, we will continue to guide you compassionately and skillfully regarding long-term issues, including:

  • How to ensure access to ongoing medical care, therapy and rehabilitation services, as needed
  • How to get compensation for lost wages
  • How to determine fault and liability
  • How to decide whether to accept a settlement offer or take your case to trial
  • How to maximize your claim to include all your losses, including pain and suffering

Our goal as your personal injury lawyers will be to protect your rights and interests while promoting every avenue that may help you get well and return to a stabilized way of life after an accident.

Get Answers And Help As Soon As Possible

We pride ourselves on being responsive to both potential and existing clients. Learn how we can help you through the recovery process. Our auto accident lawyers represent injured people on a contingency basis. This means no attorneys’ fees are due until a settlement or verdict is paid out. Call 972-866-4852 or send an email message to schedule a free initial consultation.

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