Most businesses seek to avoid litigation and the attorneys at Waranch & Nunn truly understand that. Through the use of our transactional advice, strong contracts, and careful business formation, we can advise you and your business on how best to avoid disputes that turn into lawsuits.

However, sometimes, even a cautious and prepared business must use the legal system when presented with an intractable dispute. The attorneys at Waranch & Nunn have handled thousands of matters in litigation and have significant success representing clients before judges and juries all across Texas.

We represent developers, landowners, realtors, brokers, management companies, general contractors, subcontractors (at all levels), landlords, architects, engineers, designers, and others involved in the commercial and residential real estate business in all kinds of litigation, in both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ capacities. If you need to evict or lock out a tenant, we can help. If you need to collect unpaid rent, unpaid fees or commissions for services, or even run down a debtor in bankruptcy, we can help. If you are being sued for the same or similar allegations, we can help you in a defensive capacity.

We can also assist with other types of debt collection, both secured and unsecured, as well as disputes related to the sale of goods and services, commissions and brokerage agreements, and other types of general business disputes that enter litigation.

In addition, we represent property owners, tenants, general contractors, subcontractors (at all levels) landlords, architects, engineers, and designers in construction defect cases. If you are a property owner or tenant who has been injured or damaged by defective construction or repair work on your residential or commercial property, we can help you obtain relief from the contractors who are responsible for the work. Also, if you are a contractor or design professional who has been sued for damage to residential or commercial property, we will aggressively defend your case.