When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury or is accused of injuring others, you need legal advice!


For Plaintiffs, the personal touch makes all the difference

If you have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death from a car wreck, a workplace or industrial accident, or other ircumstance, finding a lawyer you can trust to assist you is critical. Many lawyers and law-firms take a “one size fits all” approach to assisting their clients with medical care and case development, using poorly trained clerks and forms to fit you into their cookie cutter approach to personal injury. At Waranch & Nunn, an attorney will meet with you personally for your initial consultation, and will come up with a written individualized action plan for your case. After the initial consultation, an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant, will personally contact you at least once a week to discuss your medical condition and assist you in advocating for the best medical care possible.

Waranch & Nunn has a network of general physicians, specialist physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, imaging facilities, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to assist in (quickly!) getting you the care you need to get back on your feet following an injury.

While you or your loved one is undergoing treatment, we will begin the insurance claims process, gather evidence, and attempt to negotiate a favorable settlement of your claim. Unlike many other firms, if we are unable to negotiate such a settlement in a short time period, we will file your lawsuit right away, set the case for trial, and provide aggressive representation. Again, unlike many other personal injury law firms, you will have the same attorney for the entirety of the case, and if we are unable to reach a favorable settlement with the insurer, Amos Waranch and Hunter Nunn will personally try your case to a verdict before a jury.

Every injury is different, and in order to maximize the value of you claim, you need a lawyer who truly understands your claim. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury or wrongful death because of the negligence or fault of another, call Waranch & Nunn today.

NOTE: We always offer free consultations and second opinions.


For Defendants, you need a lawyer truly looking out for your interests

Many businesses and business owners, both large and small, work hard to make an honest living and provide fine products and services to their customers. Sometimes, however, accidents and injuries occur to employees, customers, motorists, or members of the general public during business operations. If you or your business have been accused of causing a personal injury or property damage to any person or another business, your business and livelihood may be at stake. You need an attorney who is truly looking out for your interests, both personally and for your business and its stakeholders. Often, individuals and businesses are insured against liability for injuries and which may occur in the course of business operations, however, each client needs personalized advice that is tailored to not just their financial or legal needs, but also to their business and lifestyle needs. The attorneys of Waranch & Nunn can work with you and your insurance company to provide effective, cost-efficient representation and defense if a claim is brought against your business. From Fortune 500 companies to closely-held small businesses, Waranch & Nunn can defend your business in the following types of accidents, injuries, and lawsuits:

  • Transportation (including trucking and car accidents);
  • Premises liability cases (including slip-and-fall cases); and
  • Work-related injuries (including claims by injured employees of subcontractors and general
    contractors); and
  • Claims for property damage of any kind.

In addition, Waranch & Nunn believes that the best way to prevent injuries and minimize risk to any business is to develop policies and programs for safety in all facets of business operations. These policies and programs should then be audited on a regular basis in order to monitor compliance by employees and management. Waranch & Nunn can assist your business in developing such best practices designed to minimize risk to your business and to you personally. This includes ensuring that your business is properly organized to protect your individual assets as well as the assets of your stakeholders. Please see our Real Estate and Transactional Services page for more information about how we can serve your organizational compliance issues.

We can also assist your business with compliance with United States Department of Labor regulations (including the Occupational Safety and Health Act) in order to minimize the likelihood of any violations and injuries to your employees. Should the Department of Labor (including OSHA) ever initiate an investigation of your business, Waranch & Nunn can assist in the response and will work to minimize your potential exposure and any penalties.

NOTE: We always offer free consultations and second opinions.