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Digital Content

Digital Content

If you are a content creator or eSports athlete for platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or similar, you definitely need legal advice and you probably need representation. Let Waranch Nunn help!

Are you incorporated in any way?
Do you have valid written contracts with your creative partners?
Are you being paid properly for your services and merchandising?
Are your banking and insurance documents done correctly?
Do you have to negotiate with sponsors, advertisers, or other creative partners?
If you create intellectual property, is it properly registered?

If you are anything like most internet content creators, you are passionate and focused on your creative niche, but you need help to turn the content you create into profits, and you need help protecting yourself legally. Unlike most law firms, the attorneys at Waranch Nunn have a deep understanding of the legal and business issues involved in creating content in the digital age. We provide free consultations, individualized action plans, and can assist you with documents to protect yourself and your business as well as litigation if you are sued or need to sue.