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Business Litigation

Protect Your Interests In A Business Dispute

Most businesses seek to prevent litigation and the attorneys at Waranch Nunn truly understand that. We share your preference as a business owner to avoid disputes and resolve them cost-effectively when they arise. An attorney at Waranch Nunn will gladly meet with you and map out strategies aimed at prevention or cure of business disputes such as:

  • Nonpayment claims
  • Failure to perform claims
  • Commercial lease problems
  • Partnership disputes
  • Alleged violations of non-compete agreements or non-disclosure agreements
  • Shareholder complaints
  • Disputes versus government agencies

Through the use of our transactional advice, solid contracts and practical business formation services, we can guide you and your business in ways designed to avoid or settle quickly any disruptions that might otherwise lead to lawsuits.

When Best-Laid Plans Go Awry

Sometimes even a cautious and prepared business must use the legal system when presented with an intractable dispute. If vital business interests are at stake or if another party has served your business with a demand, you must take action. There is no substitute for customized legal services when it comes to avoiding or resolving business disputes.

The business law attorneys at Waranch Nunn have handled thousands of matters through litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We have demonstrated significant success representing clients before arbitrators, judges and juries across Texas.

Creditors’ Rights And Other Issues

We can assist with collection of both secured and unsecured debt. We are ready to advocate for you or your business in problems with customers or business partners related to the sale of goods and services, commissions and brokerage agreements. Our firm is a recognized go-to source of strong support in a full range of general business disputes that may be destined for litigation.

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