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Business Formation

Start Up Your New Business With Confidence

Entrepreneurs traditionally bring valuable talents and passion to the task of creating businesses. What begins as a hobby may soon become a basis for making a living. Whether you have perfected a recipe, found a rare product to sell or developed a reputation for excellence in an endeavor like accounting, gardening, remodeling, or performing or commercialization as an athlete, it is both exciting and risky to venture out into the business world. Legal guidance is imperative to protect your personal assets, your business and your prospects for success.

Your business may still be just a concept on paper or it may already be taking shape.

  • Perhaps your solo-run business already exists in practice but has not been formalized. You need to ensure compliance with tax codes and other legal requirements.
  • Or perhaps you and a friend or work associate are doing business together on the side in an area of common expertise. You have decided now is the time to grow your partnership as a full-time occupation.
  • Or you may be an owner of a successful and already-legal small business that is ready to become a larger force, with a building, employees and marketing. You are ready to invite investors and/or shareholders into the mix.

Waranch Nunn has had the privilege of helping many clients in situations like these get their businesses off the ground. We are dedicated business lawyers here for all stages of your business formation and startup, including:

  • Entity selection: sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC and S Corp
  • Drafting and formalizing founding documents such as partnership agreements and shareholder documents
  • Intellectual property protection through copyrights, trademarks, patents, noncompete agreements and other legal tools
  • Registration with the state of Texas and other government bodies that may apply (municipalities and counties), as well as any necessary business license(s)
  • Creation and formalization of bylaws, employee manuals, operating procedures, annual meeting agendas and other documentation that new businesses need
  • Commercial real estate selection, financing, leasing or purchasing, and protection through insurance and usage agreements
  • Procuring and insuring business assets like vehicles and equipment
  • Employment contracts and other contracts involved in starting and running your business
  • Representation in any disputes that arise internally or externally

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