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Road risks: 5 types of unsafe driving

You must share the road with other drivers. On your own, you could be the safest, most careful driver in the state of Texas. You could drive defensively, follow every traffic law and constantly go out of your way to reduce the risks. But you can never eliminate them...

Did the seller hide issues with your new house?

Buying a new house is exciting, and you may have been planning to get a place of your own for a while. When you find one that feels right, you’re predisposed to overlook issues with it and convince yourself that it’s the home for you. But you’re also at a...

Children are at more danger from dog attacks

Anyone can be attacked by a dog, and the ramifications can be devastating. However, parents in particular need to know that dog attacks are more dangerous for children.  For one thing, you have to consider the odds of an attack. As an adult, you may know never to run...