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High-tech vehicles could help prevent crashes with good data

High-tech vehicles could help prevent crashes with good data

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Car Accidents |

If you’ve ever been involved in a crash, then you know how devastating it can be. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were improvements made to the roadways that would limit the risk to yourself and your family? What if high-tech cars could collect data to identify dangerous areas?

That may be a reality, according to news from Oct. 27. Today, there are many high-tech vehicles on the roads that can help prevent crashes and save lives. Almost all new vehicles have at least some kind of internet connection and self-driving capability, whether it’s something like adaptive cruise control or blind-spot monitoring. When the vehicle corrects errors or senses changes in the way a person is driving, then it can send out a message.

By collecting that driving data, it’s possible to find out where drivers are struggling on the roads. Then, it would be possible to make safety improvements to address those problems.

Here’s an example. If drivers are regularly slamming on their brakes at one particular intersection, then the Department of Transportation could go there and investigate the cause. Then, it could make changes to help make driving in that area smoother and safer, so fewer people need to make sudden stops.

In Texas, around 3,600 people die every year because of car crashes. This new approach could potentially identify dangerous or hazardous areas of roadways sooner so that changes could be made to save lives. There has yet to be a single fatality-free day in Texas in the last two decades, but with better safety education and improvements in infrastructure, it’s possible that there could be some in the future.