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Children are at more danger from dog attacks

Children are at more danger from dog attacks

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Anyone can be attacked by a dog, and the ramifications can be devastating. However, parents in particular need to know that dog attacks are more dangerous for children. 

For one thing, you have to consider the odds of an attack. As an adult, you may know never to run up and pet a dog you don’t know. You may understand how an anxious dog is more likely to bite and what signs to watch out for. Children often do not see things the same way. They can’t see the warning signs before the bite and they do things that can frighten dogs, though very unintentionally. 

The second issue is the size. If you have a three-year-old, his or her face may be on the exact same level as a dangerous dog. If that dog was to bite you, you may end up with a bite on the leg that, though painful, isn’t life-threatening. Your child could end up with the same injury to the face, head or neck. This is when attacks often turn fatal. 

Additionally, children are often less able to get themselves out of a dangerous situation. An adult may be able to push the dog away and escape, but a child may be trapped until someone else saves them. This can compound their injuries if the dog will not back off. 

Has your child been bitten by a dog? Does he or she have serious injuries that may even be life-altering? Are you facing high medical bills and wondering about the impact on your child’s future? You may be able to seek compensation for the dog’s owner for your injuries and losses.