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Is a zoning issue negatively affecting your business plan?

Is a zoning issue negatively affecting your business plan?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Firm News |

There’s a lot of work that goes into starting a business. One of the biggest and most important challenges is securing a location that suits your business’s needs while still giving you the presence you desire. Scouting out and locking down the perfect location can take a significant period of time, but most people aren’t patient enough to let the process play out. As a result, they rush, which could leave them with property that is subpar or with property that places too many restrictions on them.

Take action to address your zoning issues

A lot of the problems faced by business owners in this regard pertain to zoning issues. If the property you want or the property you currently have restricts your business practices too much, or perhaps entirely, then you might want to consider what you can do to remedy the situation. This may involve taking legal action in hopes of remedying whatever zoning issue you are facing.

The types of zoning action you can take

There are a number of zoning actions you can take depending on your circumstances. One common approach is to seek a variance, whereby specific zoning requirements are waived for the particular case at hand. Therefore, if the area is zoned for retail but you want to open some other type of business, then you may need a variance. Generally speaking, you’ll need to show a legitimate reason for requesting the variance, as well as show that your business won’t affect property values or disrupt other businesses that are in compliance with zoning ordinances.

Other options may be available to you, too, including seeking a special exception or requesting that an interpretation of an ordinance is rendered in your favor.

Don’t be deterred by complicated zoning regulations

If it turns out that your business is limited due to zoning restrictions, don’t simply walk away. Instead, be proactive in your efforts to secure the outcome you desire. This may mean working closing with a legal professional who is experienced with real estate law matters.