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What are the most common construction defects?

What are the most common construction defects?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Firm News |

Defective construction may be costly and hits you where you live in your home or in the office where you work. In Texas, a real estate law action can help provide compensation or remedy the most common construction defects.

Construction problems can come from the product, construction design, its installation or how it is operated or maintained. A defect, like a burst water pipe, may be obvious and seen right away. A shifting foundation may become a problem over time.

Building codes and best practices help prevent these problems. Obtaining documentation and identifying these defects may hold a party liable for its unacceptable work.

Design defects are a common deficiency. These typically involve substandard work or error by an architect or engineer. Examples of this defect include water leaks through the roof because of faulty roof design.

Deficient, inferior or damaged building materials are another defect that can cause construction problems. Materials that do not last as long as required can damage the structure. Products that were improperly manufactured or damaged before installation may cause defects such as water leaks or improper insulation.

Poor construction workmanship may also lead to a wide array of problems and does not allow the building to function as it was designed. Improperly installed plumbing, for example, can cause mold or damage electrical equipment and personal property or furnishings.

Previous owners may cause structural problems if they did not properly maintain the building or use it as intended. Problems may include failure to make timely repairs, perform scheduled maintenance or correctly operating HVAC and other systems.

Construction defects may be costly and restrict the ability to use the structure as intended.  An attorney can help gather evidence, pursue compensation and seek remedies for any damages caused by these defects.