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About Our Attorneys And Law Firm

Waranch Nunn exists to meet its clients’ legal needs in business, real estate and other practice areas.

Amos Waranch and Hunter Nunn are experienced attorneys committed to client service, effective listening, and collaborative, efficient and cost-effective transactions and dispute resolution.

Our attorneys’ unique backgrounds have prepared our firm to help you with both transactional matters and disputes that must be resolved through arbitration or litigated through courts to jury trial. You will typically have the opportunity to work with the same attorney throughout your case, while also benefiting from our teamwork if appropriate.

Learn more about our lawyers’ careers and qualifications:

Disputes: Avoid Them Or Confront Them To Win

Whenever possible, we will help a client avoid taking a disagreement to litigation. However, as necessary, we are prepared to fight for our clients’ rights and interests.

Ensure That Real Estate Deals Are In Your Favor

Buying, selling or leasing a piece of residential or commercial property should be a step forward toward your ultimate financial and strategic goals. To protect yourself from unexpected trouble and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome, get a real estate lawyer’s counsel and assistance through all phases.

Forward-Looking Guidance For Your For-Profit Or Nonprofit Organization

Whatever your goals, we can provide a business formation experience allowing for growth and success. Although it may seem counter-intuitive in the early stages, it is important to visualize the end goal of a new business. Let us guide you cost-effectively toward making your vision a reality.

Do you hope to grow your new enterprise until it may be acquired by a larger business at a profit to you? Do you hope to turn it over to younger family members eventually? Or is your new business to be seasonal, perhaps leading up to a one-time event like the Olympics, and then disbanded? Is it to be a 501(c) nonprofit organization? We can help you incorporate eventual business succession plans into all phases of your business’s anticipated life cycle.

Proven Effective Legal Processes Build Strong Personal Injury Claims

While you or your loved one is undergoing treatment after an accidental injury, we are prepared to begin the insurance claims process, gather evidence and file a claim on your behalf.

If we are unable to negotiate a favorable settlement within a reasonable time period, we will not hesitate to set a case for trial and proceed to provide aggressive representation before a judge and/or jury.

This approach has resulted in strong results for many of our clients during pretrial negotiations or in the courtroom.

Why Work With Our Firm?

Our strong reputation, our hands-on approach to the practice of law and our many favorable results in litigation and transactions are all solid reasons to contact Waranch Nunn regarding your important legal matter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Call 972-866-4852 or use our easy online form to request a case evaluation at your convenience.

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